IoT Hardware Ecosystem

Qualified hardware, services and partners for your business

Building your own IoT solution?

Browse through our catalog of certified components and devices to find a best-fit for your IoT use-case.

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Industrial Monitoring

Digitally transform your manufacturing to reduce costs, allocate resources better, and improve products.

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Our seamless connectivity and innovative solutions help transform companies into a digitized mobility providers.

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Reduce congestion and wasted energy, improve systemwide operational performance, as well as the traveler experience.

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Keep tabs on your assets on the road and in your facilities to maximize utilization or optimize supply chains.

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Building Construction

Improve health and safety and collect data about activities, performance, and conditions on your building site.

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Building Automation

Maximize building operations and maintenance efficiency, and deliver a better experience for occupants.

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Modules & Chipsets

Certified components proven to interoperate well on our networks and offering excellent performance.

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5G/4G Campus

Solutions that work on a network just for you – private and secure, for even more possibilities.

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Ready-to-deploy, IoT made easy

T IoT hardware solutions enable a smoother start to your IoT business!

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IoT services from industry experts

We make IoT productization easy – from product testing, to security, and consultancy… we can help!

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Workshops & Consultancy

Join expert workshops or request consultancy to learn how IoT can help you maximize your business.

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IoT Solution Optimizer

We can help you save costs during productization. Try out our innovative service that digitalizes prototyping.

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IoT Certification

Our certification services ensure that your products are fit for purpose and qualified for a global business.

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IoT Security Testing

We support you in assessing and qualifying your security needs, ensuring compliance to the latest industry norms.

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IoT knowledge to empower your team

Navigating the labyrinth of IoT technology is difficult. We can help you understand how it all comes together!

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Partnering for results

We want to bridge our IoT customers with your great solutions. Join our ecosystem!

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Developer-friendly platform for IoT

Join our community that makes IoT development accessible to everyone.

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What’s new in our ecosystem catalog?


Low Cost Tracker Plus




SMARTbox nano


CloudGate LTE WW

TE Connectivity

Terminal Ant, 5G, SMA, 600-6000MHz

Teltonika Networks





Low Cost Tracker Light

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